🚀 — The project

For this project, The Wellness Institute, our client, wanted to explore how they could use technology to help people live healthier lives.
To address this project, we decided to focus on a chronic disease: asthma.
Every day we breathe about 14,000 liters of air without even realizing it.
It is totally…

Showroom of the store ideelumineuse.com by atelier de créations familières

🚀 — The project

After 30 years spent selling insurance, François decided to reconvert and became a creator of “luminous objects”.

His business consists of turning old and forgotten objects into modern, warm and design lights. Currently, it is very difficult for him to sell when no one is on the street or when…


Since the 70’s, museums and public institutions have been affected by a crisis. They are considered obsolete. Measures have been taken to make them more attractive, but this is not enough. The arrival and development of digital that facilitates access to artworks, and the health crisis of COVID in 2020…

Blablacar is a website and a mobile that offers carpooling. It connects drivers and passengers to travel together and share the costs of the trip. I chose this application for the second Ironhack challenge about wireframing.

I chose this app because it’s an app that I enjoy and have seen…

Cecile Gosseau

UX/UI student

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