Blablacar is a website and a mobile that offers carpooling. It connects drivers and passengers to travel together and share the costs of the trip. I chose this application for the second Ironhack challenge about wireframing.

I chose this app because it’s an app that I enjoy and have seen evolve over time. This application makes it possible to put individuals in contact and its use is very simple.

The flow that I’m going to study is a flow that I have never used. When I use the app it is to book trips but I have never offered any. Therefore, I will be interested in the posting of a trip by a driver. The flow has many screens but they are very minimalist. Each screen corresponds to a single piece of information so that the journey is very easy for the user.

While creating the Blablacar wireframe, I could see Blablacar’s choice to keep things simple to make it as understandable as possible..

Thanks to this challenge I was able to discover Figma, and familiarize myself with this tool. I realized the importance of wireframing. This helps to highlight the user’s experience without focusing on the aesthetics of the product.

Thanks for reading !

UX/UI student